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Welcome to the website of SciNet, a Network for Young Scientists and Academics at the University of Freiburg.

SciNet is the network of early career academics of the Albert-Ludwigs-University of Freiburg. It is aimed at young, independent researchers from the postdoc level working at Freiburg and striving for a career in science or who want to pursue a career in academia.

SciNet provides a forum for members to develop a network of peers within the University to exchange knowledge and experience in

  1. applying for research funding
  2. managing and leading research teams
  3. discussing and sharing innovative concepts in teaching
  4. training and preparing for a full professorship or permanent group leader position in the near future

SciNet pools the technical and scientific resources of its members in an effort to add to existing bodies of knowledge. Our objective is to create an environment that fosters creative, innovative and collaborative academic action. In particular, we aim to initiate joint projects and collaboration between faculties at the junior research group level and ultimately foster the cross disciplinary use of Freiburg`s resources.

SciNet also helps promote the role of young academics within the University of Freiburg by holding frequent meetings with the vice-chancellor of the University. As the researchers and teachers of tomorrow, we aim to better incorporate our network and know-how into university structures as well as increase the profile of Freiburg for new, young and talented academics.





SciNet Sekretariat

Vertungsweise Andreas Hartmann

0761 203 3520


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